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Seminar - Basics of Process Work


PW by La Xixa

Av. Tarruell, 26 La Floresta, Sant Cugat del Vallés

October 11 | 10H-18H

50 € - Payment with transfer.

TRIODOS BANK, destination account:
ES76 1491 0001 2120 0953 1829

(Concept: TDP + Your Name + Your Last Name)

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In our day to day, we are faced with disconcerting situations that disturb us because we cannot give them an answer. Situations that face us in an increasingly complex and diverse world.

Given this type of experience, we propose to share learnings and resources that make it easier for us to become aware when acting.

The seminar"Dreams and Diversity" aims to make known and deepen the basics of Process Work focusing on Diversity.

Process Work (TP) is an interdisciplinary method that offers attitudes and tools tofacilitate transformation and self-discovery both individually and collectively.


  • People who are looking for innovative tools to address diversity in their professional and / or personal environments

  • Environmental, social and educational activists and professionals

  • Psychologists, therapists

  • Other professionals who carry out support and work with groups and communities.

  • People who want to learn and acquire new approaches from the basics of Process Work.


  • Share the basic tools of initiation in Process Work (PW) as a personal and / or professional resource.

  • Awaken more awareness about Internal and External diversity

  • Give support to feel freer, connecting with the sense of our presence in the world.


  • The seminar will be carried out from the reflection with practical exercises.

  • Discovering one's own belief systems, limits and strengths in dealing with diversity. Through concepts such as:
    - The three levels of experience
    - Identities. Role and Rank

  • The group and the system: Deep Democracy.

  • Skills and Meta-skills.

  • Some practical applications of process work in the professional world. Supervision of case studies based on the experience of the participants.

This training is supported by the Spanish Process Work Institute . The seminar is part of the training resources offered by the institute and endorsed by the international networks IAPOP and PW International.

What is process work?

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