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The V.I.T.A Radio project's Guide to Radio Workshops is now available

If you like radio and you think it can be a powerful tool to give visibility to diversities and discriminations that are not represented in the mainstream media, don't miss the "Guide for Radio Workshops" of the V.I.T.A Radio project!

V.I.T.A. Radio is an Erasmus+ project developed by four organisations from France, Spain and Austria, whose motivation stems from their love for radio and the conviction that it is a powerful tool for communication and dissemination of messages. V.I.T.A. represents a new methodology to use radio not only as a means of representation and self-expression, but also as a creative way to address issues related to social inclusion, such as empowerment, equality, interculturality, identity, values and democratic processes.

If you want to know more about how to organise your intercultural radio workshops, download the Guide for Radio Workshops that will accompany you, step by step, in the organisation of the workshops, their implementation and the broadcasting of your radio programmes.

Now it's your turn, are you ready to set up a radio workshop with your groups?

To find out more about the project and listen to our broadcast, visit:

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