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The End of the Voice Project!

The VOICE project has ended: Discover how working on Multimodal Communication through creative methodologies can help you improve your skills and presence in adult education.

Access the website and enjoy for free all the resources we have created for you.

With the final conference hosted by the Grotowski Institute/VoiceLAB in Wroclaw (Poland) on 11 March, the VOICE project: Making an impact through the use of the body project has officially ended.

The project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, started in 2021 and involved the collaboration of five European organisations: Elan Interculturel from Paris, La Xixa from Barcelona, In Touch from Amsterdam, the VoiceLAB of the Grotowski Institute from Wroclaw and CESIE from Palermo, working together over the last two years to develop new tools to help adult education professionals to explore and use voice and body more in their work, improving their presence both in face-to-face and online sessions.

Indeed, teaching is a performative field in which voice and body play a key role in communicating information and emotions. Non-verbal communication, posture, tone of voice, rhythm and the quality of the presence of trainers and educators are essential elements to facilitate the learning process and encourage the attention and accompaniment of the participants. A better understanding and control of these aspects, which together constitute what is called "multimodal communication", can lead to new strategies for an active, engaging and sensory learning experience.

Being aware of one's own internal processes, understanding and be able to regulate the signs coming from the body are also important tools for those in education and training roles to take better care of their physical, vocal and psycho-emotional health.

Within the framework of the VOICE project, we have been experimenting with different methodologies and target groups, confronting and integrating the various disciplines worked by each of the partner entities, with the aim of responding to the need for performativity and corporal and vocal awareness in the educational world. The result of this work is four free and open interactive resources, designed to accompany adult education professionals on a learning path that will help them discover the importance, potential and effectiveness of multimodal communication in their work. We put them at your disposal so that you can use them and include them in your professional life.

On the official website of the VOICE project you will find:

  1. An online assessment tool with which you can evaluate your vocal and body presence and find out more about the six dimensions that make up multimodal communication and what their relevance is in adult education.

  2. 16 video lessons with which you can discover and practice exercises to work on the quality of your voice, breathing, presence and body awareness.

  3. More than 30 activities, created and tested by the project partners, so that you can reproduce them in your work.

  4. An archive of video lessons to help you adapt your learning to the online format.

All materials are free of charge and available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian and French.

Visit the VOICE project website and include multimodal communication among your training and adult education resources.

Don't miss this opportunity and share it with everyone who might be interested.

Best regards,

The VOICE project team.

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