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Maciel's experience, ESC Volunteer at La Xixa!

Within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program, La Xixa is actively collaborating with young people who have the opportunity to participate in long-term volunteering programs. In this instance, Maciel, together with Marie, are two of the volunteers immersed in this experience. Our current project, named 'Building Community through Volunteering and Creativity,' aims to promote the theatrical and participatory skills of the volunteers while driving social transformation.

In addition to contributing to project management, Maciel is actively working with La Xixa Lab, our theater company, becoming one of the actors in the group and regularly participating in the performances we organize within the community!

"Hello, my name is Maciel Maure. I am Argentinean and Italian, and I am currently involved in a volunteer project as part of the European Solidarity Corps at La Xixa. I collaborate with La Xixa Teatre and its theater partner, La XixaLab, as an actor, musician, and technical support in XixaLab. I also participate in tasks related to accounting, workshops, training, and warehouse administration.

I am very happy to be part of this project, as I have always been interested in art in its various forms. In fact, I have studies in visual arts and music (piano and guitar). For me, this volunteering opportunity is a great chance to learn and experience a transformative process in my life.

In recent months, I have participated in several performances by La XixaLab. Currently, I am involved in productions created for the Solidarity Consumption Network, as well as European projects such as Green Interculturality and COPARTE.

During this experience, I am getting to know many people and I am happy with everything I am learning. It is a wonderful experience for me. I consider Theatre of the Oppressed as a powerful tool for social work with the potential for positive impact on society."


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