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Introducing Marie, volunteer at La Xixa!

La Xixa has recently taken part in the European Solidarity Corps program, which offers young people the opportunity to engage in long-term volunteer programs. Marie Traoré is one of the volunteers who is currently living this experience with us. Our 'Building community through volunteering and creativity' project aims to offer volunteers the chance to develop their theatrical and participatory skills while also promoting social transformation.

During her time with us, Marie is assisting with project management and working with La Xixa Lab, our theatre company. She takes part in various workshops, performances, and activities with diverse groups of participants, gaining a deeper understanding of intercultural and inclusive practices.

"Hello, my name is Marie. I am a French girl and I am carrying out an ESC project at La Xixa. I have studied tourism and English language and literature and I wanted to live in Spain and in particular Barcelona for a very long time, so when my personal schedule changed and allowed me to move abroad I directly went through all the ESC (European Solidarity Corps) website volunteering opportunities and luckily the announcement from La Xixa was one the first I saw. So, I immediately applied and was chosen to be a part of the team through the interview process....I’ve always liked theater and non-formal education. It was obvious that I was going to apply for this position! Now, I have been in Barcelona for three weeks and it has been incredible. Currently, I support the European projects team and help a bit with communication and dissemination. Since I arrived, I had the opportunity to discover a lot about the city due to COPARTE Project, I walked through the old part of the city, the football stadium, the beach... I also got to know better what La Xixa does and discovered La XixaLab."

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