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Inclusive Radio New Podcasts | Radio VITA, European project

Between April and May 2020 and within the framework of the European project Radio V.I.T.A., La Xixa Teatre held two online radio workshops with the aim of creating podcasts through the use of theatre.

During the sessions, participants were able to discuss the proposed topics, create a safe space to engage in personal narratives, experiment with their voices, with storytelling, with theatre exercises and with the creation of radio products as a tool for inclusion. During the workshops, the groups created podcasts that were later edited.


A conversation with ECOM

The main topic addressed in the workshop Transforming the way we look at on functional diversity - A conversation with ECOM was gender discrimination and functional diversity. During this workshop, the condition and discrimination suffered by a group of women members of the Fundació ECOM, a foundation that works for the social and professional inclusion of people with functional diversity, were the point of the conversation.

🎙️ Episode 1: WHAT IS CREATIVITY? In this episode, we discuss what creativity is, how it is part of the participants' daily lives and how it helps them to express their emotions.

🎙️ Episode 2: DOUBLE BARRIER: BEING A WOMAN WITH FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY In this episode, we debate and dismantle the stereotypes and discrimination suffered by women and people with functional diversity.

🎙️ Episode 3: LEARNING TO BE A GIRL In this episode, we investigate how society teaches girls to be girls, and what they give up during their childhood to fit into the assigned role.

🎙️ Episode 4: MICRO-DISCRIMINATIONS In this episode, we use short fiction stories to give visibility to the discriminations that people suffer because they are women and/or have functional diversity.


The first workshop that took place was called The Sex of Angels and its aim was to break taboos about sex and sexuality in a confinement situation. In fact, the workshop took place between April and May 2020. At that peculiar moment, La Xixa decided to investigate with a group of adults the taboos, the fears, the shame they were experiencing in life in general and at that specific moment about sex and sexuality, and to delve into the relationship between sexuality and virtuality.

🎙️ Episode 1: OPENING DOORS In this episode, participants share their thoughts on love, sex, satisfaction and trust.

🎙️ Episode 2: VIRTUALITY AS A NEW REALITY In this episode, we talk about virtual versus real relationships, and whether confinement makes us perceive virtuality as more real than before.

🎙️ Episode 3: THE RELATIVITY OF TIME In this episode we talk about how time and media influence the relationship we have with ourselves, each other and sex, but also how sex and sexuality are changing as we seem to be moving prematurely into the future.

🎙️ Episode 4: VIRTUALITY, IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS In this episode, we reflect on how virtuality can offer a path to happiness and pleasure for some or many people in times of pandemic.

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