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The Conference: Context and theme

The exclusionist and discrimination narratives that arise throughout Europe also reach Spain and therefore the City of Barcelona. To give an example, in a training group with 15 adults in Spain, 3 participants would feel uncomfortable with a Muslim or Roma colleague.


In this context, thecultural heritage, that is, the traditions and rites that order and hold our society together, is an essential tool to recover Europe's plural past in favor of inclusive and safe coexistence spaces. According to the report "Barcelona: Sustainable Future", cultural heritage does not only encompass buildings and landscapes, butit also includes all those intangible values and cultural practices that enrich lifeand facilitate "coexistence, through the (re)creation of common meanings and an identity that can be shared by very different people." Precisely for this reason, the people who visit the city must be known and understood, but before and with more emphasis those who live in it.

The international conference aims to present the result of the process that began in 2020 with the Erasmus+ project "REBELAH: Religion, beliefs, and laicity in cultural heritage to foster social inclusion in adult trainings”, co-financed by the European Commission. Since the preparation of the project, a research and piloting process was carried out with six organizations in four European countries: La Xixa and the Ibn Battuta Foundation in Barcelona, Storytelling Center in Amsterdam, Kepes in Budapest, Elan Intercultural in Paris and the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (group in charge of the Master's in Religion and Cultural Heritage), from the University of Groningen.

JUNE 28 | "REBELAH in Can Calopa"
The Olivera Masia Can Calopa  crt. BV-1468 Km 4.8
Collserola Park 

 15.00  Bus departure from Plaça Universitat

 16-16.30  Welcome Appetizer

 16.30-16.45  Institutional welcome

 16:45-17.15  Presentation of results ofREBELAH project by theproject team 

 17:15-17:25  Musical performance by Sidou Sane

 17:25-18:00  Master class "Rethinking heritage in terms of diversity: a critical look" by Mar Griera, Director of the UAB ISOR research group

 18:00-18:45  Thematic discussion groups facilitated by REBELAH project partners 

  • Group 1: Heritage as a tool of welcome and inclusion

  • Group 2: Heritage as a tool against discrimination in adult education

  • Group 3: Heritage as a tool to promote interreligious dialogue

 18:45-19:00  Coffee break with musical accompaniment by Sidou Sane

 19:10-19:30  Discussion group results presentation

 19:30-20:00 Theatrical Performance"Cultural heritage, what do you eat it with?" in charge of
La Xixa Lab

 20:00-21:00  Pica pica final and networking

 21.15 Bus back to Plaça Universitat

Limited places 

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28 juny
museu etnologic boto.png

JUNE 29 | "REBELAH at the Museum!"
Ethnological and World Cultures Museum'
C. Montcada 12 Barcelona

 10:00-10:15  Welcome andregister

 10:15-10:30  welcomeby Carles Vicente, director of the Ethnological and World Cultures Museum

 10:30-11:30  project REBEL: sharing experiences and tools to work against discrimination in training spaces

11:30-12:00  Coffee Break 

 12:00-14.00  Workshopson heritage and inclusion by the partners of the REBELAH project

29 JUNE | "REBELAH from Ruta Mozaika
Meeting point: Plaça Sant Felip Neri

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 16:45-17:00  Welcome and registration at Plaça Sant Felip Neri

 17:00 - 19:00 Route by The Call i Visit to the permanent exhibition of Jewish memory in the Archives of the Cathedral of Barcelona in charge ofMosaic

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