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Mataró is currently in the media with news related to security in the municipality. This news promotes the stigmatization of certain groups of young people, and this stigmatization is based on their cultural and / or religious identity.

From La Xixa Teatre, we propose the "Stop Stigma" project to share tools with young people who experience this stigma to question prejudices and stereotypes that apply to them and thus be able to work to reduce stigma and discrimination. in the municipality.

Through the workshops included in "Stop Stigma", the young participants have created a podcast for non-discrimination, thanks to the support of Mataró Audiovisual in the technical part. In the group sessions, they have worked creatively on their voice, storytelling, community reporting, and critical discourse analysis.

We invite you to listen to it on Spotify and be an active change agent for non-discrimination!





The participants of "Stop Stigma" are a group of young people from Mataró and surroundings. We have been encouraged to put our voice and our body to create spaces for debate where we have questioned prejudices and stereotypes. We want a fairer and more egalitarian world, we want Mataró to be an example of a city free of stigmas. Stop stigma.


Original idea of ​​La Xixa Teatre for the European Project RADIO VITA.

General Management of Meritxell Martínez and Adrián Crescini.

The Collaboration of Michael Baldé, Nuria Molina, Lorena Valencia and Patricia Persky.

Director and Sound engineer: Tidiane Diedhiou Diawara

Download the guide to conducting radio workshops here .

With the support of the European Commission, the Diputació de Barcelona and the Ajuntament de Mataró

Mataró Audiovisual Technical Support

Acknowledgments to the Citizen Equality and Diversity Service of Mataró City Council, NEU Salesians Sant Jordi Project, Mataró Audiovisuals.

News taken from La Vanguardia.

The Organizations of this program and the European Commission are not responsible for the opinions expressed by the people who have collaborated in this project.

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