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Elderly people

The Xixa Teatre works on several projects together with seniors. These include the Reminiscence Workshops , the Great Community Actors workshops, the Fricandó de Horta-Guinardo Forum Theater Group and the Activa't workshops, for active and diverse coexistence.

WHO defines active aging as “the process by which opportunities for physical, social and mental well-being are optimized throughout life, with the aim of expanding healthy life expectancy, productivity and quality of life in old age. ”. For which active aging has to be worked on from the social, economic and cultural areas to improve the autonomy and well-being of the elderly. This in turn feeds back on the overall well-being of everyone.

However, old age continues to be associated with stereotypes and prejudices that undermine the potential, experience, and wisdom that older people can bring to us. This directly affects them as their participation in the social life of their families and neighborhoods decreases, and therefore hinders the development of healthy habits for all.

The projects we develop together with older people are oriented towards the use of social theater in general, and the Forum Theater in particular, as a tool to promote coexistence in diversity taking into account the important role that our older people play in families and neighborhoods. Through the empowerment offered by the methodologies we use, the main objectives of the projects developed with older people are:

  • Improve the psychomotor skills and socio-affective skills of the participants.

  • Provide participants with a space for socialization and community coexistence.

  • Generate a space for reflection on the prejudices and stereotypes that hinder coexistence in the community.

  • Debate, disseminate and multiply the experiences and reflections of the workshop with other groups through the Teatro Foro, to promote dialogue on coexistence in the diversity of gender, cultures, ages and life stories.

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