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An innovative digital theater work based on the Teatro Foro! By La Xixa & La Xixa Lab

Presentation of the digital work "Comunitat Nova Esperança", which takes place in the Whatsapp application.

The work takes place in a Whatsapp group of a community of neighbors of a building in the Lesseps neighborhood. As is traditional in this type of group, its function and objective is informative and has strict regulations. However and as is to be expected, the conversations between neighbors are taking other directions and everything becomes more complex even when the new tenant is integrated...

Would you like to participate in this experience? 


Reserving your place means having access and being able to participate in the Whatsapp Group created for the purposes of the Digital Work "Comunitat Nova Esperança".

As in a traditional play, actors and actresses will interact but instead of using a physical stage, the whole plot will take place in the Whatsapp group, using the usual channels and languages of the groups (text messages, voice notes, images ...)

To book your place you only need:

  1. fill in theform of this page with your data

  2. Perform thei pay of €2 through transfer toES76 1491 0001 21 2009531829 Triodos Bank

  3. Send us a Whatsapp at +34 674 99 00 60 parato confirm the reservation, for the presentation of:
    Saturday April 9 at 5pm on Whatsapp

If you have any questions you can send us an email to or contact us at el 674 99 00 60.

Reservation form for the work by Whatsapp
"New Hope Community"

You're almost here! Now you must make the payment of €2 per TransferES76 1491 0001 21 2009531829and send us a Whatsapp to verify the reservation.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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