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This project promotes the values of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and is conceived and designed on the basis of broad theoretical and practical research that includes the perspectives of children, families and leisure professionals working in this field.

Improving the quality of life of children with special attention to those who are in a situation or at risk of social exclusion.


a) A conference.
b) A workshop for children, families and professionals from the

leisure working in this area of childhood.
c) Two Open Forums (one at the Conference and one to end the project).

The research process has been based on the use of " culture shock " as a research tool using the Critical Incident Methodology of Margalit Cohen-Emerique


To the values ​​it promotes : this project is designed as a whole to promote the rights and participation of children, with special attention to the inequality that girls suffer from a very young age, and with an intersectional approach and gender diversity and sexual.

In the methodology: Process Work is a methodology designed specifically to identify, reflect and find collective alternatives to structural oppression such as gender inequality through empowerment and giving space to the voices of people suffering from these inequalities.

To the objectives : the approach to combat gender prejudices and stereotypes from a feminist, intersectional and decolonial perspective, and from the earliest ages of children.

In the activities : they are done with a gender equality approach and with inclusive language. The contents of the activities address these inequalities as a cause and / or aggravator of many of the discriminations experienced by women.


At European level, it is committed to developing skills to ensure inclusiveness and non-discrimination from an early age. The project, implemented over the last two years, focuses on the interaction of possible discrimination that occurs from early childhood around the axes of: cultural diversity, gender, body and sexuality.

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