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Community beliefs and knowledge  


Identities in transit

Identities in Traffic Community Beliefs and Knowledge is a Development Education project that seeks to question belief systems around the Right to Migrate, Dissident Gender, and Prejudice and Stereotypes. As a society, we tend to reproduce these systems that are deeply rooted among us, causing discrimination and suffering to people around us. With this project we delve into the importance of becoming aware of diversity and thus improve coexistence between neighbors.


Identities in transit takes place in the Nou Barris district and invites referents from the Global South to share with all the citizens of Barcelona the political-artistic knowledge and tools they use in their places of origin in order to create a more creative world. , freer and fairer.


This project is structured in 3 training modules on migration, intergroup interactions and the formation of prejudices / stereotypes, through master classes, seminars, artistic training, performances and open forums on the street, led by leading specialists of the South.


It is designed and implemented through conceptual and pedagogical methodologies such as awareness work on the Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Process-Oriented Psychology, the Theater of the Oppressed, the Analysis of Critical Incidents and the theories generated. in the Global South, as well as the tools of Clown, Theater, Dance and Performance.

Directed to

  • People who feel identified with the issues addressed.

  • People who want to improve their vision and discourse around the issues addressed.

  • Dissident people from the speeches addressed

  • Artistic professionals

  • Professionals in the social world

  • Curious and curious who want to change the world



+ About the "Identities in Traffic" Project

The Identities in Traffic project is structured in 3 thematic modules of education for the promotion of a culture of peace and non-discrimination with the aim of influencing the belief systems rooted in the citizens of Barcelona.


Each module is led by 1 of the 3 guest speakers, along with Meritxell Martínez Bellafont and Adrián Crescini, Directors of La Xixa Teatre. Les sessions són en català i castellà.

Captura de pantalla 2020-01-03 a las 17.

Module 1

I migrate, you migrate, we migrate

The right to migrate with the artistic training of Mamadou Diol as a reference. "Deep Democracy and Migration" as a seminar with the La Xixa team. You can see the posters and download the seminar program.

Registrations closed Date of training: April 2020


module 2

decolonial identities

Dissident Genres with Lukas Avendaño as a reference. Open your eyes to the genre and cultures of the South. Use art as a tool. See more details of the training here.

Gender and Race Crossings is the module seminar. Taught by La Xixa and with Fatima Taleb as a guest, along with a surprise guest.

Seminar Date: November 5, 12, 19, 2020


module 3

prejudices and stereotypes

Identities on Stage with Houssni Almoukhlis Online Artistic Training

on 19, 20, 21, 22 January 17: 30-20: 30 and Artistic presentation on 23 January 12: 30-14 Check out the program here

Open Forum registrations open "How do prejudices and stereotypes affect our relationships? Register here


module structure

Each of the 3 modules follows the same structure of activities, workshops and events:

  1. A 3-hour master class. Theoretical information on the subject of each module, by 1 of the 3 guest speakers, La Xixa and other local agents.

  2. A seminar is 10 hours on work processes, roles and belief systems around the theme of each module led by Xixa along with / the west.

  3. A 12-hour artistic training, in which we work with the tools of art (performance and Theater of the Oppressed) to address the theme of each module led by the speaker together with La Xixa. During this part of the module a performance and / or forum play will be created to present in the public space.

  4. An event in public space   where a performance or a forum play will be presented. We do it on the street as it is the space where we live with these belief systems that cause discrimination but we don’t usually question it.

  5. An open forum. After each module, citizens are invited to participate in an open forum on each specific topic. An open forum is a tool developed in the process of Approaching Process Oriented Psychology, a theoretical and practical model that proposes a comprehensive methodology while addressing conflicts from the personal, interpersonal, group, community and global levels.


Each module is independent, as well as each of the proposed activities. You are free to sign up for everything, just one seminar… For the master class, the artistic training and the seminar of each module a form will be enabled that will be disseminated in our networks, in the web pages of the affine organizations and other communication channels.

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