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The group of domestic and care workers is a group in which there are multiple axes of discrimination and precariousness. In 2011, the Sindillar Home and Care Workers' Union was born, a group of women organized to fight against the job, economic, political, social and emotional precariousness of women in the care sector. From this space of diverse women and diverse feminisms, training activities and occupational training projects are developed that have to do with the needs of the Union and women in the sector, as well as a continuous demand to achieve the incorporation of domestic and care workers in the General Social Security Scheme.

The project 'Theater of the Oppressed to Combat Intersectional Inequalities in Domestic and Care Work' proposes a Legislative Theater process with the aim of promoting, training, supporting and strengthening political participation and self-organization. of women in the domestic work and care sector.

In particular, we want to:


  • To make visible and address the intersectional inequalities experienced by the group from the voices, stories and visions of the group itself,

  • Recognize and make visible the diversity present as a source of wealth and also as a need for inclusive policies that consider this diversity,

  • Defend the labor and social rights of domestic and care workers,

  • Encourage the training of the group with innovative, inclusive and politically relevant methodologies,

  • Raise awareness and involve the public in these issues that the group in particular suffers from and that affect us all,

  • Network, support and strengthen the work of local groups and entities.

You can download the whole project 'Women and care' by clicking here .

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