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Interculturality doing Forum Theater:

the Art of Multiplication

Training of facilitators of Intersectional Forum Theater

Annual Training Registrations closed


For the past 8 years, at La Xixa Teatre we have been teaching the Training of Intersectional Forum Theater Facilitators with the support of Barcelona City Council and the Interculture Association. It is a way that we have to multiply the tools we use in our projects and interventions with different groups, both locally and internationally.
We work from tools such as:

  • Methodology of the Theater of the Oppressed

  • Process Work Methodology

  • Participatory methodologies

  • Theoretical and conceptual foundations on interculturality and intersectionality

We carry out this training because we understand that the Forum Theater is a tool of Innovation necessary for social change. It is the theater for Global Justice that humanizes relationships and confronts us with real and concrete challenges to everyday and transcendental conflicts.

We believe that it is important to train in these tools to build community, to give each other the opportunity to build a more just and supportive world.

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