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BODI is a new European project working around cultural diversity, body, gender and health in early childhood education . If we talk about equal opportunities in school , inequalities originate in the initial educational stages, ie during early childhood education, and therefore it is important that we can respond and contribute knowledge in this area from this stage of the school. life and education. Discrimination, which arises from not being aware or from not recognizing cultural practices, hurts girls and boys and also their families . Gender, and with it all body-related practices, is an area very sensitive to our societies and particularly so in contexts where cultural diversity is wide. In this project we aim to be more aware of the impact of cultural diversity on education at an early age. We want to prepare children for coexistence in a society where cultural diversity is present, including families in this task, as well as accompanying teachers to develop their intercultural skills .

We developed this project with the support of the European Erasmus + Program with the following organizations: Elan Interculturel (France) Cesie (Italy), Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (Cyprus) and Kindervilla (Austria). One of the results of the project will be the production of practical teaching materials such as a teacher's manual or an online course .

For more information you can consult the project website:

Open Video Forum and presentation of the BODI Teaching Guide:

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